• 5 Graphic Design Books That Will Get You Inspired

    Choosing the right source for your work or creating appealing and engaging design can be a challenge; so, therefore, I´m always on the lookout for graphic design books that can provide me with new inspiration and approach to my work as a graphic designer. I have created a small selection below including some of my favorites that I´m currently reading and using as a reference in my work – enjoy!

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  • NY Art Book Fair 2015

    September is all about Art Book Fairs. Last week I went to the London Art Book Fair, which were a great success, and tonight if you are in NYC, and have a preview ticket, you can be one of the first to explore more than 370 booksellers, antiquarians, artists, institutions and independent publishers from twenty-eight countries at MoMA Ps1, Long Island City, Queens.

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  • The London Art Book Fair, September 2015

    I have been looking forward to this week for quite some time and you are probably wondering what is so special about this week? The answer to that question is the London Art Book Fair, which is returning to the Whitechapel Gallery for its seventh year. The fair is free and open to the public, and here you can explore some of the best in international arts publishing, showcasing artists´books, catalogues, zines, rare publications and brand new releases. Moreover, this year the fair has a Scandinavian Focus, with support from the Embassies of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. So join me and explore the work of over 90 independent publishers, from 10-13 September, and be a part of a compelling programme of talks, workshops and book signing throughout the weekend.

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  • Copeland Book Market

    The diversity of independent publishing is being celebrated this upcoming weekend, July 31 – August 2, at the Copeland Book Market where one can explore the work of independent publishers such as Café Royal Books, Ugly Duckling Presse and Jane & Jeremy. So don´t miss out on a weekend with lots of interesting talks, screenings and performances at Copeland Book Markets usual location of Bold Tendencies in Peckham.

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  • 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café

    This weekly inspiration is dedicated to the new, beautiful and very cosy 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café, located in Medellín, Colombia. The combined café and bookstore is designed by Plasma Nodo and they have created a relaxed and colorful environment, for coffee, design and book lovers, that is filled with unlimited levels of inspiration for everybody to enjoy.

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  • ELCAF 2015

    This weekend is dedicated to the 4th East London Comics and Arts Festival, also known as ELCAF. Here you can explore things related to comics, graphic novels, sequential art, illustration and storytelling based in East London. Bookpres has teamed up with the independent publishing house Hato Press from East London, that will be showing their work at the festival.

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    If in London this week, you should stop by the amazing bookshop called Material, in Shoreditch, and see the exhibition Wall of Wally from Thursday 4th June – Saturday 6th June.
    The exhibition is set up by Jamin Galea and is an illustrated celebration of the famous British practitioner of corporate identity and branding, Wally Olins. The project invites practising illustrators to illustrate the same exact portrait of Wally in their own preferred style and from tomorrow until Saturday 6th June, it will be possible to purchase some of the works on display plus a limited edition book. All proceeds will go to Ella´s Home Run, a charity chosen by Wally Olin’s wife.

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  • First Ark Edition – Paul Auster / Siri Hustvedt

    Ark Books, a small independent non-profit bookshop located in the heart of Nørrebro, in Copenhagen Denmark, have teamed up with the famous American author couple Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt to create the publication First Ark Edition – Paul Auster / Siri Hustvedt.

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    If in London and you want to experience the spirit of independence, autonomy and alternatives then we recommend you to visit DIY CULTURES day-long festival next Sunday, May 24.

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  • All The Buildings In Sydney

    In February we did a blog post with the worldknown and super talented Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock. Since then he has been working on many exciting projects and last Friday, May 1st, James published his follow up book from the successful All the Buildings in New York, with amazing drawings from his birthplace Sydney. The new book is called All the Buildings in Sydney and is a beautiful visual tale of Sydney’s captivating architecture and culture.

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  • Melbourne Art Book Fair 2015

    Got no plans for the weekend? We highly recommend you to visit the Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria, 1-3 May 2015. Here you can explore unique art, architecture and design experiences by emerging and established publishers, artists, writers and designers

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  • Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival 2015

    If you are in London from the 23 April – May 4 2015, we highly recommend you to visit the Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival 2015 at the beautiful Somerset House. The Graphic Arts Festival returens to Somerset House for its sixth year, and will be featuring an inspirational line-up of artist and designers bringing the best og new within illustration, graphic design and other related disciplines.

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  • Hot Dudes Reading For A Cause

    There are millions of kids in the United States that nerver get the chance to fall in love with reading, because they grow up without books of their own. The U.S. non-profit organisation First Book and The New York City Instagram account @hotdudesreading have teamed up to launch “Hot dudes Reading For A Cause”, to provide new books to children in need.

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  • Inspirational Workspaces

    Designing the right workspace has a very important impact on ones communication skills, creative thinking and productivity. We have put together a small selection of workspaces that will help inspire and make it easier to get the work done, and we would love to hear which one is your favourite?

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  • The Beauty of Letterpress

    This weekly inspiration post is dedicated to the craftsmen and women that use the tactile nature of letterpress to create remarkable work with impeccable artistry.

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  • Cultura Bookstore

    At Bookpres we love to explore new bookshops and bookstores around the world. We came across this spectacular bookstore in São Paulo. Meet architect Mariana Simas and watch her explain how Studio MK27 transformed a former São Paulo cinema into a bookstore.

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  • Bookshelf Organiser

    Organising books can be a bit of a challenge for many different reasons, but we have come across a bookshelf that might solve that problem.

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  • We Love Paper Too

    At bookpres we have a great interest in the digital world, but everybody at the office also have a profound interest and love for paper, and we are not alone. Meet a new generation of stationery entrepreneurs that are preserving and reviving the art of writing based on their love of paper.

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  • Lisa H Moura

    Geneva, Switzerland.

    Lisa is a graphic designer, originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but has been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the past three years. New adventures are waiting for her as she is relocating to Geneva to study a Master. She loves to travel and photographing architecture and design when she is out and about.

  • Lucas Machado

    São Paulo, Brazil.

    Lucas is working as a graphic designer at PS.2 arquitetura + design in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He loves starting new projects related to graphic design, watching underrated horror movies from the eighties and having time to prepare a nice coffee using French press and Brazilian coffee beans.

  • Sue Van Geijn

    Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    Sue is from Amsterdam and one of the founders of the Amsterdam/Rotterdam-based creative bureau BuroBG. She loves riding her bike, is a passionate writer and is working on the idea of writing a hip hop album since words make more sense to her than anything else.

  • Meggie Ong

    Manila, Philippines.

    Meggie loves capturing beautiful moments with one of her many analogue vintage cameras. She works with Retail Development & Planning at Megamax Concept, was born and raised in Manila, and has a huge passion for independent books.

  • Sanne Bøg Larsen

    Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Sanne works as a Communication Designer at Bookpres where she is obsessing with words and design. She is based in Copenhagen, a visual storyteller by heart, music lover and every chance she gets she travels the world to explore different cultures and make new connections.

  • Brenna Holeman

    London, United Kingdom

    Brenna is the woman behind the inspiring travel blog This Battered Suitcase. She is originally from Canada and has visited nearly 90 countries, but is now living in London. When she is not travelling, she is writing about it, either for her blog, her book, or her job.

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