Tony Riches – UK Historical Fiction Author

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Hello, Tony! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Could you please tell us a little bit about how you got into writing?

Hello to everyone on Bookpres! I started writing articles for a number of magazines and journals, then wrote my first non-fiction book, about how to manage projects. I was pleased when it became an Amazon bestseller, and the rest is history – literally, as I have always been fascinated by the fifteenth century and decided to specialize in literary, historical fiction. I’m pleased to say my last two novels have become bestsellers in the US and the UK, and I have a rapidly growing readership in Australia.

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Walk us through the process of creating your books as a self-published author, from idea to final publication?

I have no shortage of ideas and plan my books at least a year ahead as the research takes so long. I try to find a ‘niche’ where no one has written about a subject before. For example, my latest book is the first novel to fully explore the amazing life of Owen Tudor, the Welsh servant who married the queen and founded the Tudor dynasty.

My aim is to write at least twenty-five chapters of around four thousand words, to arrive at a first draft of around 100,000 words. Then my wife takes a critical look at the draft manuscript, and I have a rule to address anything she thinks needs more work. After this, it goes off to my editor and while I’m waiting I design the cover and start the research for my next book.

Originally I would format the ebook version next, but now I produce the paperback edition and base the ebook on that as it can be too much work the other way around. Finally, I have a great team of ‘beta-readers’ as a last chance to pick up any changes before publishing. This process works for me as I like to have control over every step.

How do you get yourself and your work noticed?

The main ‘showcase’ for my books is my blog The Writing Desk, which has built a solid following over the years to well over 10,000 visitors a month. I vary the content between guest posts, book launches, book reviews and advice for new writers. All posts are shared on Twitter, @tonyriches, where I have 18,600 followers, as well as Google+ and Goodreads via RSS. .

Please describe how you are using or intend to use the sales and marketing features provided by Bookpres, to reach out to your audience?

I have completed the ‘landing pages’ for several of my books with as much information as I can, including video trailers to add interest. I’ve already started sharing the links to my books on Bookpres with my network and plan to write a post for my writing blog about my experiences with the site.

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