NY Art Book Fair 2015

- A Celebration To Artists and Independent Publishing

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September is all about Art Book Fairs. Last week I went to the London Art Book Fair, which were a great success, and tonight if you are in NYC, and have a preview ticket, you can be one of the first to explore more than 370 booksellers, antiquarians, artists, institutions and independent publishers from twenty-eight countries at MoMA Ps1, Long Island City, Queens.

If you don´t have a preview ticket for tonight, you can from September 18 to 2o, for free, explore a diverse selection of books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines.

The fair is organized by Printed Matter and in december last year, I had the pleasure of exploring their work and meet some of the people behind this inspiring organisation.


Illustration credit – Printed Matter

Preview Thursday, September 17, 6-9 pm
Friday, September 18, 1-7pm
Saturday, September 19, 11am-9pm
Sunday, September 20, 11-am-7pm

MoMA Ps1 is located at 22-25 Jackson Avenue on 46th Avenue,
Long Island City, NY


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