Hørdum & Engelbreth

- An independent publisher with a focus on Danish traditions within culture, art, design and music.

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Søren! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Could you please walk us through the story of Hørdum & Engelbreth from the beginning till today?

Søren: Well, my partner, Martin Engelbreth, and I started our business in August 2012. Martin is my best friend, and we have known each other our entire life. Martin is an auditor and was anxious to try something new, and I was working with sales in the printing industry and made a living by producing design printed matter and books. We started out our business by making printed matter for advertising agencies and publishing houses, and through our work, we got inspired to start making our own books and provide another take on how to make and publish books in Denmark.

As a publisher, our one desire is to create visually based books on culture that comes from a tradition of the beautiful craftsmanship of book-making, signaling the passion that has been put into both the creation of the subject matter and the book itself. It’s these kinds of books we love, but more frequently see published outside the borders of Denmark. We want to shine a light of the rich cultural scene we have, and the strong Danish tradition of art, design and music. The Danish book market has for some time been under pressure. We are trying to show the fact that people appreciate good quality and great design.

Personally, I roughly spend 30 percent of my pocket money to buy design and coffee table books of all sorts by large and small foreign publishers, as we cannot buy these publications from Danish publishers because they do not exist. We want to take advantage of that and make beautiful and passionate cultural publications with a high production budget, to secure a high quality within our work and create an inspiring experience for our audience, based on the fact that we believe people are willing to pay correspondingly more for high-quality books than low.

Tell us a bit about the process of finding/creating a book(s) and your role as a publisher?

Søren: We don’t have a certain way or process in the creation of our books. We seek and find subjects that we find special and interesting. Dealing with the kind of books we do, you need to have a certain dedication to the chosen topic you are doing a book about.

For example – The choice for our first book was an easy one. We have all been following Kashmir for years and have a close, personal relationship to their music. At the same time, this band has always maintained a visual expression that is so ambitious, comprehensive and exciting, that it is really quite unparalleled in Denmark. We went through many different subjects before we suddenly started talking about Kashmir, but when we first got started, we knew right away that a book was in the making.

The same procedure happened with our second book, which will be published in Spring 2016. We had a lot of possibilities on the blackboard, but no one gave us that special feeling like “Kashmir” until this new book came up. For now the book is secret – but if you keep up with our Facebook or Instagram you can follow the making. 

How do you get yourself and your work noticed?

Søren: We are always having “release parties” where we invite family, friends, business associates, etc. People close to our company are always helping us to spread the word about our work. We are also sending our publications to the news stream in Denmark, hoping that they do a book review in the newspapers. Of course, we also use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Bookpres.

Please describe how you are using or intend to use the marketing and sales features, provided by Bookpres, to reach out to your audience?

Søren: Our social presence at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is very important to us, and our strategy is to update those at least two times per week. In relation to that, Bookpres´ integrated social media stream is a very useful tool, where we have the opportunity to get valuable user insights, like how many new followers we have or if people unfollow us. Then we can use the stats to go through our visual and written content to figure out what generates engagement with our audience. Another interesting aspect one can find at Bookpres is their integrated email marketing tool. The use of email marketing is still very new to use, but it is something that we are very focused on applying since it is a great way to engage with our audience and keep them posted about upcoming publications, news from the company and other related subjects. Lastly, we are really happy with the opportunity to choose your own pricing of your publication(s), sellers commission, which leaves you with +75-95% percent, depending on which subscription plan you are using and that you get paid instantly with every sale you make at marketplace.bookpres.com. 

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