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Introducing our first publication!  We have created a FREE ebook with the purpose of getting yourself and your work noticed with email marketing. This publication consist of 36 pages and is a How To guide to authors and publishers of independent books and magazines. 


If you’ve dipped your toe in the world of independent publishing, you know that writing a book or creating content for a magazine is just one of many tasks independent authors or publishers have to take on. It’s an essential step, of course, for both you and your audience: it’s why you got into self-publishing to start with, and it’s why your audience loves you. But books or magazines don’t sell themselves, you have to market them. If you’re not making use of effective email marketing strategies, you’re missing out—and so are your readers.

There are many specific strategies you can follow with your email marketing, but they all boil down to the same basic plan: come up with interesting content that your audience will enjoy reading. As an author or publishers, this concept shouldn’t be too foreign to you. People read your work because they like what you have to say, and they like the way you say it (or write it). Email marketing is just another way for you to get the word out, and keep your readers hanging on to each and every one.

At we want to help you make the most of one of today’s most powerful and targeted marketing tools, in an easy and straightforward manner, and thereby provide you with all the information you need to build an effective email marketing strategy and launch your first campaign. The content of this ebook will guide you through different types of email messages you should be sending to your readers and potential readers, how to write effective email copy and how to craft subject lines that will get your emails opened. We’ll also be showing you how can help you integrate your email marketing with your other marketing efforts, giving you a streamlined and stress-free way to coordinate your message and increase your sales. The use of consistent branding activities makes your marketing more effective and more memorable to your audience.

This ebook is structured so that one can choose to read it all at once, but we also recommend that it may be used as a reference book to gain more knowledge about the different features within email marketing.

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