ELCAF 2015

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This weekend is dedicated to the 4th East London Comics and Arts Festival, also known as ELCAF. Here you can explore things related to comics, graphic novels, sequential art, illustration and storytelling based in East London. Bookpres has teamed up with the independent publishing house Hato Press from East London, that will be showing their work at the festival. So stop by and say hi to the wonderful people at Hato and see their amazing work, and don´t forget to stay tuned on the blog next week and get behind the scenes of ELCAF with Hato Press.


Illustration creadit ELCAF

Two day festival, June 20-21, from 10.00am – 7.00pm, held at The Laundry and SPACE in Hackney.

To learn more about ELCAF
go visit: www.elcaf.co.uk


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