Chad Armel

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Hello, Chad! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Could you please tell us a little bit about how you got into writing and your selection of genre(s)?

Chad: As a young child, I never dreamed of becoming a writer. In fact, in the first grade, I was held back to kindergarten because I was reading far slower than the other children in my age group. This not only left me feeling as if I were not as smart as the other kids, but really devastated me, because I had to leave the friends I made. In the end, I can honestly say that it was the best decision the teachers and my parents could have made for me.
My interest in writing began as a child. I started out with writing a lot of short stories as well as creating small magazines that I would share with friends and family. I never thought that I would eventually self-publish a book, rather, I wrote simply for the enjoyment. As I grew older, writing became more of a way to release the feelings I had. In my late teens and early twenties, I began to develop an interest in poetry, as well as hip hop music.
Over the years, I have found my selection of genres has definitely been inspirational and motivational poetry. I have a deep passion for writing pieces that move people in a positive way.


Walk us through the process of creating your book(s) as a self-published author, from idea to final publication?

Chad: In 2006, I gathered poems that I had previously written and began my first book project. I knew from the start, the book “Stepping Stones” would be compiled of poems that followed me from my early twenties through to the final release. After gathering the initial poems that I had stored away for years, I began drafting new poems that followed my life story to that current date in time. Once I had the poems that I felt told the story of my life, I compiled them into a document and began researching book printing options. I eventually decided to use, and after a bit of a learning curve, I successfully edited the document to match their format and went live with the book. Though I had the book released to the public for sale, I never marketed the book due to a huge hurdle that I had. I absolutely disliked the front and back cover of the book. This eventually led to me placing the project on hold for a few years. Early this year, I finally designed a cover that I felt completed the book. I then set out for final publication and began marketing the book.

How do you get yourself and your work noticed?

Chad: When I released the book at, I included the distribution package, which allowed me the opportunity to get the book on Amazon, Kindle, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, etc. This allows me to utilize the brand recognition of such online retailers to get readers interested in checking out the book. I started with family and friends, then began to utilize social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I found that Twitter tends to be much more engaging, so I try to tweet more often than posting on other social media. Google+ has communities that an author can join, and I found the members were very welcoming to authors who wish to spread the word about their books. I officially launched my personal website this year and have tied in the “Stepping Stones” book with my blog posts on living as a gentleman, as well as other interests. I am currently planning out the next campaign, which is a press release campaign. The global portion of the campaign will be sent out via email and press release distributors while the local campaign will be emailed to local bookstores, libraries, etc.

Please describe how you are using or intend to use the sales and marketing features provided by Bookpres, to reach out to your audience?

Chad: Bookpres has a unique option of selling the pdf version that I feel will help with getting my book to readers in a more cross-platform format. Beyond the selling platform, I was impressed by the wonderful layout of the author and book pages, as well as the Bookpres blog. The clean layout is something that I feel gives potential readers of my book a great place to learn more. As I was doing my initial investigation of Bookpres, I began running some ideas through my head of how to utilize the image and video features to give my audience an even more personal experience.

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