• It´s Time for Change

    At lot has happened within the past two months, as the structure within the team of Bookpres has changed, and some of you might have noticed the beta sign at bookpres.com. We are currently working on some new adjustments to provide you guys with a more optimized experience when using our platform and getting yourself and your work noticed.

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  • FREE Ebook – Email Marketing with Bookpres

    Introducing our first publication! We have created a FREE ebook with the purpose of getting yourself and your work noticed with email marketing. This publication consist of 36 pages and is a guide to authors and publishers of independent books and magazines.

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  • Independent Publications

    We have created a marketing platform for independent publications that is built to get yourself and your work noticed as an author or publisher. Through Bookpres, you have the opportunity to easily market, sell and grow your audience, all in one place. We have put together a set of carefully selected tools, which will make it easier for you to handle all your marketing activities and increase sales.

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  • A Blog About Independent Publishing

    Every week, we are exploring and sharing user stories from the world of independent publishing to discover and showcase creativity, inspiration, knowledge and the details behind the stories that make them remarkable. Furthermore, our blog will provide you with stories on why and how to use our selection of tools, such as email marketing, social media, and sales.

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  • Bookpres Handles VAT MOSS on Your Behalf

    There has been a lot of frustration and confusion regarding the new EU VAT MOSS law, also referred to as VAT MESS #VATMESS. The new law states that VAT should no longer be calculated based on from where the book is sold, but rather based on the location of the customer. On top of that, you would have to store evidence securely for 10 years of buyer location.

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  • Lisa H Moura

    Geneva, Switzerland.

    Lisa is a graphic designer, originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but has been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the past three years. New adventures are waiting for her as she is relocating to Geneva to study a Master. She loves to travel and photographing architecture and design when she is out and about.

  • Lucas Machado

    São Paulo, Brazil.

    Lucas is working as a graphic designer at PS.2 arquitetura + design in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He loves starting new projects related to graphic design, watching underrated horror movies from the eighties and having time to prepare a nice coffee using French press and Brazilian coffee beans.

  • Sue Van Geijn

    Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    Sue is from Amsterdam and one of the founders of the Amsterdam/Rotterdam-based creative bureau BuroBG. She loves riding her bike, is a passionate writer and is working on the idea of writing a hip hop album since words make more sense to her than anything else.

  • Meggie Ong

    Manila, Philippines.

    Meggie loves capturing beautiful moments with one of her many analogue vintage cameras. She works with Retail Development & Planning at Megamax Concept, was born and raised in Manila, and has a huge passion for independent books.

  • Sanne Bøg Larsen

    Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Sanne works as a Communication Designer at Bookpres where she is obsessing with words and design. She is based in Copenhagen, a visual storyteller by heart, music lover and every chance she gets she travels the world to explore different cultures and make new connections.

  • Brenna Holeman

    London, United Kingdom

    Brenna is the woman behind the inspiring travel blog This Battered Suitcase. She is originally from Canada and has visited nearly 90 countries, but is now living in London. When she is not travelling, she is writing about it, either for her blog, her book, or her job.

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We are exploring and sharing user stories from the world of independent publishing to discover and showcase creativity, inspiration, knowledge and the details behind the stories that make them remarkable.

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