9 3/4 Bookstore + Café

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This weekly inspiration is dedicated to the new, beautiful and very cosy 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café, located in Medellín, Colombia. The combined bookstore and café is designed by Plasma Nodo and they have created a relaxed and colorful environment, for coffee, design and book lovers, that is filled with unlimited levels of inspiration for everybody to enjoy. One of our favorite features at 9 3/4 is their hexagon shaped hideaway spaces where one can cosy up and enjoy a good book or one can also make themselves comfortable in one of the patterned quilt chairs and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

9 3_4 bookstore 1
9 3_4_bookstore 5
9 3_4_bookstore 4
9 3_4_bookstore 3
9 3_4_bookstore 6
9 3_4_bookstore 7
9 3_4_bookstore 8

Photo credit Plasma Nodo

To learn more about 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café 
go visit: www.facebook.com/9trescuartosbookstorecafe


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