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Berlin is one of my favourite cities to visit, either for a small getaway or finding new inspiration for work. Its wide streets with massive trees adorning the sidewalks characterize the city, alongside its impressive architecture, strong urban and design culture and literary scene that embraces multiple languages, colours, genres and shapes. I´m not quite sure if it is possible to create a complete list of all the Bookshops in Berlin, so instead I will share my Top 5 Favourites, which all have an inspiring selection of independent books and magazines from around the world.


Walther König

Crossing the bridge behind the stunning Berliner Dom and making a slight right, one can explore the well-known Walter König bookshop, which was set up by the Cologne-based art publisher Walter Köning. When visiting, the sun was shining from a clear blue sky, and the big floor to ceiling windows, combined with the massive and colourful selection of books and magazines, plus a very friendly staff, created a welcoming, relaxed and inspiring visit. So if you are on the lookout for local or international publications within genres such as art history, architecture, fashion, design, travel, cooking, politics, philosophy and everything in between, you should definitely pay the shop a visit.


Walter König
An der Museumsinsel, Burgstraße 27
10178 Berlin
Open 10-20 Mon-Sat


Do You Read Me

Finding good diverse international magazines in Germany used to be very difficult, but seven years ago, designer Mark Kiesling and bookseller Jessica Reitz decided to take matters into their own hands by introducing Berlin to Do You Read Me. This is a magazine shop where one also can find a selection of books, based on the topics they both love, like fashion, art, architecture, interior, culture, and society. The shop is located in the middle of Berlin’s vibrant art and gallery scene, and when entering the small, bright and minimalistic arranged shop, one can feel the passion, excitement and love for magazines and books. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, the lovely Jessica, and getting the full story behind Do You Read Me, which will be coming soon on the blog. So for all you magazine lovers, don´t miss out on this delightful shop.


Do You Read Me
Auguststraße 28
10117 Berlin-Mitte
Open 10-19.30 Mon-Sat


Soda Books

Since 2004, Soda has offered “Curious publications for curious people” and today the concept of Soda is to be found both in Munich and Berlin. The Berlin based shop, in the diverse area of Rosenthaler Platz, is the newest edition to the family and opened its doors to the public in January 2015. Soda is very bright, minimalistic and the décor displays, in the best possible way, Soda’s eye-catching collection of books and magazines. The shop is the perfect place to spend time getting introduced to something new, or simply to explore your favourites within visual and printed matters from established to small independent publishers. The passionate people behind Soda are Isabell Hummel and Sebastian Steinacker, and when visiting the shop, a few simple questions about the place led to a full interview with the lovely Isabell and Sebastian. Read the full interview here.

Soda Books
Weinbergsweg 1, 10119 Berlin
Open 11-19 Mon-Friday, 12-19 Sat


Gestalten Space

Gestalten were founded in Berlin in 1995 and are well known all around the world for their design approach and user-oriented content. Gestalten publications have been sold in almost 100 countries, in various bookshops and museums, and in April 2011, Gestalten opened their first shop Gestalten Space, in the Mitte district in Berlin. The intention of this opening was to create a new approach to their existing portfolio on ways to explore and go beyond only publishing content in books. So if you are on the lookout for remarkable décor and books on visual culture that documents and predicts trends and movements within the areas of typography, design, illustration, architecture, urban and contemporary art, Gestalten Space is the place to go. 



Gestalten Space
Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin
Open 12-19 Mon-Sat


PRO qm

Urban development, politics, pop culture, economic critique, architecture, art, and design are what the thematic bookshop PRO qm emphasizes. The shop was founded in 1999 and is run by artist Katja Reichard and architecture professor Jesko Fezer. The shop is located in Berlin- Mitte, and has established itself as being a place for interdisciplinary debates about the city and architectural history. The feel of the shop is very industrial, and they have added a splash of color with the pink ladders and a big selection of books and magazines from established publishing houses to small independent publishers. Their independent section on architecture is worth having a look at, especially.


Pro qm
Almstadtstrasse 48-50
10119 Berlin, Germany
Open 12-20 Mon-Sat


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